URGENT APPEAL: Foxy is missing

On Sunday 6 September, following two cracking days and nights at Craft Beer Rising Glasgow, we woke to some disturbing news. Foxy’s bed had not been slept in.

For the first hour or so, we didn’t think much of it. As we swept up the debris from the party the night before and recalled a funny tale or two, to be honest we thought he’d got lucky. Foxy loves a dance and craft beer and he’d been seen debating the merits of dry hopping with a number of Glaswegian foxes the night before.

But as we packed up the final kit and turned out the lights at Drygate, there was still no sign.

Foxy was gone. 

We *believe* Foxy has been foxnapped and held against his wishes. To say we are devastated is an understatement. The little fella has long been an important part of the Craft Beer Rising Team and his carer (some say partner) Rory our Production Manager is lost without him.  

Foxy does a lot of the strategic event planning and at this time CBR London is in jeopardy.  


// Foxy needs Rory and Rory needs Foxy //

We need to find him and bring him home and we appeal for your help.

Where and Where? He was last seen on Saturday 5th September around 9pm at the Caledonian bar, at Craft Beer Rising Glasgow, in Drygate.

What? He was stood, pint in paw and talking to a number of craft beer aficionados. We believe one of them was called Bernard. 

How can you help? If you were at Drygate on Saturday night please send us any pictures or sightings. If you live nearby in Glasgow, think carefully, did you see anything suspicious that night? And finally if you are offered Foxy for sale or know of his whereabouts. We implore you to let us know.

In exchange for his safe return we are offering a Lifetime Membership to Craft Beer Rising and an abundance of FREE beer. (No-body else has this well, except Melissa Cole and Pete Brown).

Maybe you know where he is? Maybe it’s all been a big joke that now you regret but sees you knee deep in fox shit.  


Send Foxy home – no questions asked and you will be rewarded! 

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email us: lyndsey@craftbeerrising.co.uk

Post him: Elastic Productions, 103 Kings Cross Road, WC1 9LP